About dolls

What are the dolls for?

Hello! Thank you for visiting my home workshop doll.lt where I make these pleasant, gorgeous, loved, caressed, and spoiled handmade dolls. They can become a great interior detail at home, beauty salon or children’s shop decoration. This doll will also be loved by amazing house princesses – daughter’s. They will not only be able to admire the dolls on the shelf, but also play with them. By the way these dolls can be not only girls but also boys so why not let boys play with them too?

Without a doubt, these dolls are a great alternative for a different gift! They are suitable as gifts at birthday, christening, wedding, bachelorette party and other occasions.

  • Birthday
  • Baptism
  • Weddings
  • Hen party
  • I can also make individual or family dolls according to yours or family’s picture or in another example.

Dolls features

These rag dolls can be undressible or not: if this detail is important, pay attention at description of specific doll.Mostly, the height of small beauties is 30 – 32 cm., but, if necessary, I'll be able to create higher or lower!

Dolls are made of high-quality European fabric - mostly cotton, linen. Knitted garments (hats, sweaters, gloves and so on) I use baby acrylic or wool. Decorative decorations and shoes may be made of synthetic fibers or wool. Pantyhose composition – elastane and cotton. The dolls' bodies are sewn from cotton or a soft special doll fabric with polyester. The body is crammed with hollowfiber, so the dolls do not have cellulite :)

Modern rag dolls

interjerines lelytes

Dolls procesing

My beloved dolls, with whom I want you to be happy, exceptional not only because they are undressible and can wear different style clothes, but also because their heads are covered with hairs: so, when the hat is taken off there will be no surprise – bald spot on the head! You can comb the hair that means that the beauty that is running around will be able to sit and braid her newest friend hair and you at that time will be able to sit and drink a cup of coffee or tea and eat some chocolates :)

All doll decorations – toys, boxes, purses, brooches – are not sewn up or in any way attached to the doll. Boxes or purses you will be able to open, in them you can hold small accessories. And friends of dolls – toys - are changeable. Hair accessories will perfectly decorate your daughter’s hair.

Dolls hands are able to fold, inside there is a metal piece. If you want to get a doll without additional details inside don’t be shy to inform about that and I’ll make a doll without them :)

All the dolls are packed inside a white or neutral color boxes. Package is gorgeous suitable for gifting.

IMPORTANT!! You can’t wash dolls inside a washing machine. It can be washed with hands with cool water. Dolls should not be washed with hot water or combed with hot equipment.!

Individual orders

Because these dolls were sewn together individually, to make the same a second time probably will be impossible. You will probably get almost the same some details may be different. For all possible changes, I will inform you by e-mail or by phone. This doll is born in about 5-10 days.


Amazing! How beautiful, nice, cute, warm and friendly :)

Asta M.

“Thanks to you for doll, which is so beutifull. "Auksaplauke" became the best daughter's friend!

Ana G.

How we love this doll! Thanks for the wonderful gift! :)

Vilma K.